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INNO IFS-10 Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer with the New DACAS (Digital Analysis Core Alignment System) is among the best most trustworthy splicers on the current market.ifs-10 description The Fiber Master splicer includes a rubberized layout for industry usage in severe weather elements. The IFS-10 has a pleasant, instinctive GUI (Graphical user Interface) using a 5 inch color LCD display that is simple to view and is changeable for frontal and posterior splicer alignment. The big electric battery range at complete charge permits approximately 350 splices. Exceptionally, the IFS-10 splicer is the best and most dependable and user friendly Core Alignment splicer worldwide.


2.2 kg weight (with no battery).
Splicing method: DACAS.
(Digital Analysis Core Alignment System).
Extreme weather elements flexibility.
User friendly intelligent GUI.
Big battery capacity: 350 Splice and Heat.
Fast optimize menu.
Elevated accuracy splicing.
USB master port, simple to update software program.
Operate in Bi-directional perspective.


Usually 350 cycles.
The IFS-10 offers more than 350 cycles of splicing. The battery volume is 9800mAH with the highest degree in ARC fusion splicer devices. Additionally, the battery longevity will be shown through the 5 stage battery indicator.

We are delighted to release the INNO IFS-10s launched in the autumn of 2014.


Simple exchange of electrodes.
The electrode does not need utilizing a screw driver. It can merely be replaced and removed with one’s hand. Replacing method is as follows; Release the screw situated on the electrode cover, then take electrode from the electrode cover (Electrode is fitted in the electrode cover).


Simple to wash mirror.
An Anti-fog treated mirror is featured in the IFS-10. It does not need washing the mirror or the substitute of any components. Simple upkeep of the mirror offers much better splicing outcomes.

Heat oven

Heating oven with a zoom window.
Right after splicing, it is definite to determine sleeve processing. The IFS-10 heat oven has a magnifying glass. End users can effortlessly check the sleeve using the magnifying glass window.

LED light

Luminous LED for darkened surroundings.
LED light is luminous enough to do work in dark places. IFS 10 users can discover thin fiber optics during the course of operating in dark atmospheres.


Separate clamp movement.
Both of these clamps are independent to fine-tune one another. In case the clamp should be changed, you can replace one clamp not both.


Illumined keypads.
Keypad is lightened brilliantly to ensure that each button could be determined in a dark workplace. Additionally pressing consumption time is greater than 1 million times.


Changeable holder for multi-functional splicing.
The two side holders may be changed conveniently with a screw driver. Users are offered to use a selection of fiber for their requirements.

LCD monitor

5″ screen.
The Inno IFS 10 display is secured by a tempered glass LCD. Core graphics are plainly revealed with the 5″ LCD display.

We are delighted to reveal the IFS-10s introduced in the autumn of 2014.
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